News Roundup

What’s up Dead Stare fans (Starers?)! For some reason, good luck always comes to us in bursts. We have lots of exciting news, and some stuff coming up that we can’t disclose yet.


First and foremost, we are now officially part of the Peligrosa Subguey legacy, which has been a huge part of our musical inspiration for years. This is literally a dream come true for us. It’s been about 6 years since DJ Orion and Pagame from Peligrosa crew stumbled across this sub-genre of Global Bass which they called Boombahchero, and ever since then we have scrambled to find every single Boombahchero track in existence. It only made sense that we would give our own contribution to the genre. As soon as we got to the point in our career where we got Orion’s attention, we immediately took the opportunity to humbly ask him: Can we do the next Subguey?

So here it is, a check off our bucket list, the next installment of the Subguey Boombahchero mix/compilation series: Subguey Volume 5 by Dead Stare

Just seeing our name in the Peligrosa design style is enough to make our year. If you want to see the track list, this post will be updated on August 29th when this compilation of 16 brand new Boombahchero edits by Dead Stare will be released via Peligrosa for free.

If you want to know more about the history of Boombahchero, check out DJ Orion‘s write-up here:

We want to thank DJ Orion for all of his work over the years. His inspiration has been huge for us as artists.

Speaking of Global Bass legends, another one of our long-time inspirations, THE MIGHTY CHONG-X, was so impressed by our Boombah edits that he played our entire Subguey mix on his radio show, Global Amigos, on Czech Republic’s Radio 1. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we are receiving, and for the releases we have coming up which we can’t talk about yet!



Recorder Magazine from Hungary, which has featured us in the past, approached us to submit a mix to them with an interesting prompt. The mix would not only be a showcase of Boombahchero, but since Hungarians are evidently curious about the Mexican half of the Dead Stare, half of the mix would also be a showcase of Mexican music.

With the very short amount of time we had, we tried to give a showcase of the most exciting music that the current Mexican electronic music world has to offer, as well as some of our classic favorites, and of course we had to give a little history lesson on BOOMBAHCHERO to promote our Subguey compilation.

Check out the interview, article, and mix here:

We have many more exciting releases in the coming months. We were never sure if the world would be open to our crazy mess of noise which we call music, but we are so grateful to have the support of some of the most amazing musicians in the world. Thank you.

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