Dead Stare – Tumor

tumorGergo Says:So I started this one in last November, as an intro track. Just wanted to do an intro for the Dead Stare sets. In the very first version, the drop was different. Distorted electronic synth, a pad, a few percussion. But Broken Record got an awesome idea: Skullstep snares. I was in a big love with the wip file, and now, we finally finished it and switched it to a Dark Insutrial Madness. The title was also Broken Record’s idea, but i loved it. This one always reminded me to the Wars, fights, etc. When I listening to the track, it makes me feels like im walking on a big, dark and scary factory, preparing myself for a big, long and hard fight. Its a heart-felt expression from us and this is what Dead Stare about. There are a few heads who will NEVER understand Dead Stare. They ask, why we’re putting analog synths, air horns, and cumbia sounds into one track? Why not make them separately? I say why not? We likes it. Thats why. Cause we’re trying to make what we like, what we have in heart, mind, without any limits. We cant manage the future. We may do more tracks like “To Be Free” (which is out soon @ Worldwide MX) or we may do more tracks like this. It depends on how the life going, and ofcourse on the type of our future emotions. Can’t wait to tell you more stories, can’t wait to share more tracks with you, and thanks for reading that long ass story.


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