Weekly Track – To Be Free

This one has a hell of a history, but, in the spirit of our Weekly Track adventure, we just decided to put it up and see what happens. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome!

Broken Record says: “This was supposed to be an instrumental to a track, but the vocal fell through. We held on to it for a long time, trying to figure out what to do with it. After our ideas fell through, we just decided to release it, and title it “To Be Free,” because that’s the musical idea: at first it is restricted, limited. But it eventually frees itself. We also had to hold on to the track but ultimately decided to let it go instead of going through more industry politics. And of course, the idea of what it would mean to be free means different things to different people, as you can see from Gergo’s comments. And the image is a picture that I took at the beach, of a kid experiencing what is presumably a moment of freedom.”

Gergo says: I still think that the track would be a bit better with a vocal, but we tried to do our best without it. This is the sound when you drinks a tropical juice in a really hot day at the beach. Hope you can feel the vibe!


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