Weekly Track: Luces En La Costa

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly original track release here on our blog. After a few genre exploration tracks, we are back with the ridiculous/classic Dead Stare sound that you love/hate/are confused about. Enjoy! Feedback appreciated!

Gergo Says: “So, I started this one as a remix for my good friend Svmus, right after the worst breakup happened. It was in last summer. Never really liked the remix, but I switched it to an original one a few weeks ago and Broken Record was like ‘DAMN, LET’S WORK ON IT.’ Then I sent the stems, I loved his WIP thing. Wanted him to add some Spanish vocals, ’cause he sent me a few real Moombahton tune in the past with awesome rhythms and vocals. And he did. And he killed it. Loudness + Classy Vocals+ Gabber + a bit of Salsa vibes = Luces En La Costa!”

Broken Record Says: “I immediately heard some Salsa style vibes when Gergo sent the track. I made the trumpet sound and went on from there. While making the track, I felt that it needed a break down. Gergo suggested something with vocals. I went into the vinyl collection and found this 45, and, right there on the first try, it was the perfect track. YA VAMONOS A BAILAR!”


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