Dead Stare’s Weekly Track – Slick DJs

Yo! This is the second installment in our weekly track series.

Gergo says: Acid. Its one of the first genres i listened to. I was around 3 years old when my parents started to listen some Acid House, and some other micro-genres of it. A big love started, its still one of my favorite genres. I always wanted to make a track kinda Acid, and we did it now, with a Brostep synth for the more electronical head guys. Its inspired by Emmanuel Top and Proxy. Hope you like and feel it!”

Broken Record says: “I was listening to artists like Planetary Assault Systems (thanks to Gergo) and French Fries at the time. So while Gergo was working on this track as an Acid track, I was working on it as a straight up Techno track. The title comes from a Techno EP that we are working on. If you’re familiar with how we title our songs in our EPs, you will probably be able to figure out the names of the rest of the tracks. I hope you enjoy listening to this track, although it’s definitely meant for DJ sets.”

Dead Stare – Slick DJs


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