Exclusive Mix and Interview for Recorder Magazine

We were interviewed for Recorder Magazine from Hungary. They asked us for a 1 hour mix. We thought the best way to introduce ourselves to the mainstream world would be to talk about our influences, so the first half of the mix is an audio collage of some of the most inspiring artists for the Dead Stare project. The second half of the mix is a 34 minutes of pure Dead Stare. Check the links below! And also, we are gonna run out of room on our Soundcloud soon, so if anyone could help us out by buying our EP, we could use the money to buy a Pro Soundcloud account. Thanks!!

Dead Stare – Mix for Recorder

01. Current Value – Dark Rain (Original Mix)
02. Mendez – Roots (Original Mix)
03. Phat Deuce – Zlatan (Original Mix)
04. Datsik x Munchi – Firepower x Sangungueo (ID Edit)
05. Burial – Untrue (Original Mix)
06. Munchi – Madre, No Llores (Original Mix)
07. Olive – You’re Not Alone (Speed Garage Remix)
08. Jeff Mills – The Bells (Original Mix)
09. Proxy – Iron (Original Mix)
10. Dj X-Ess & Catscan – Love The Enemy (Original Mix)
11. Billion Dollars – Malcriado (Dead Stare Remix)
12. Dead Stare – From a Nightmare (Original Mix)
13. Dead Stare – With no Expressions or Emotions (Original Mix)
14. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
15. Dead Stare – Waking Up (Original Mix)
16. Dead Stare – The Story (Original Mix)
17. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
18. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
19. Billion Dollars – Inmortal (Dead Stare x SLEND Remix)
20. Shino – Broken Phone (Dead Stare Remix)
21. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
22. Dead Stare – Screaming (Dead Stare Moombahton Remix)
23. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
24. Dead Stare – Someone Standing In (Original Mix)
25. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
26. Dead Stare – The Bass Machine (Original Mix)
27. Dead Stare – An Otherwise Empty Room (Original Mix)
28. Dead Stare – At the Top of your Lungs (Original Mix)
29. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix feat. SLEND)
30. DjSuperStereo feat. KilloKillo – Martian (Dead Stare Remix)
31. Dead Stare – Staring Directly at You (Original Mix)
32. Dead Stare – Outro

You can listen to the mix here, it’s at the bottom of the article, which is in Hungarian: http://recorder.blog.hu/2015/02/14/magyarradar_exkluziv_mix_dead_stare


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