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What’s up Dead Stare fans (Starers?)! For some reason, good luck always comes to us in bursts. We have lots of exciting news, and some stuff coming up that we can’t disclose yet.


First and foremost, we are now officially part of the Peligrosa Subguey legacy, which has been a huge part of our musical inspiration for years. This is literally a dream come true for us. It’s been about 6 years since DJ Orion and Pagame from Peligrosa crew stumbled across this sub-genre of Global Bass which they called Boombahchero, and ever since then we have scrambled to find every single Boombahchero track in existence. It only made sense that we would give our own contribution to the genre. As soon as we got to the point in our career where we got Orion’s attention, we immediately took the opportunity to humbly ask him: Can we do the next Subguey?

So here it is, a check off our bucket list, the next installment of the Subguey Boombahchero mix/compilation series: Subguey Volume 5 by Dead Stare

Just seeing our name in the Peligrosa design style is enough to make our year. If you want to see the track list, this post will be updated on August 29th when this compilation of 16 brand new Boombahchero edits by Dead Stare will be released via Peligrosa for free.

If you want to know more about the history of Boombahchero, check out DJ Orion‘s write-up here:

We want to thank DJ Orion for all of his work over the years. His inspiration has been huge for us as artists.

Speaking of Global Bass legends, another one of our long-time inspirations, THE MIGHTY CHONG-X, was so impressed by our Boombah edits that he played our entire Subguey mix on his radio show, Global Amigos, on Czech Republic’s Radio 1. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we are receiving, and for the releases we have coming up which we can’t talk about yet!



Recorder Magazine from Hungary, which has featured us in the past, approached us to submit a mix to them with an interesting prompt. The mix would not only be a showcase of Boombahchero, but since Hungarians are evidently curious about the Mexican half of the Dead Stare, half of the mix would also be a showcase of Mexican music.

With the very short amount of time we had, we tried to give a showcase of the most exciting music that the current Mexican electronic music world has to offer, as well as some of our classic favorites, and of course we had to give a little history lesson on BOOMBAHCHERO to promote our Subguey compilation.

Check out the interview, article, and mix here:

We have many more exciting releases in the coming months. We were never sure if the world would be open to our crazy mess of noise which we call music, but we are so grateful to have the support of some of the most amazing musicians in the world. Thank you.

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Dead Stare – Tumor

tumorGergo Says:So I started this one in last November, as an intro track. Just wanted to do an intro for the Dead Stare sets. In the very first version, the drop was different. Distorted electronic synth, a pad, a few percussion. But Broken Record got an awesome idea: Skullstep snares. I was in a big love with the wip file, and now, we finally finished it and switched it to a Dark Insutrial Madness. The title was also Broken Record’s idea, but i loved it. This one always reminded me to the Wars, fights, etc. When I listening to the track, it makes me feels like im walking on a big, dark and scary factory, preparing myself for a big, long and hard fight. Its a heart-felt expression from us and this is what Dead Stare about. There are a few heads who will NEVER understand Dead Stare. They ask, why we’re putting analog synths, air horns, and cumbia sounds into one track? Why not make them separately? I say why not? We likes it. Thats why. Cause we’re trying to make what we like, what we have in heart, mind, without any limits. We cant manage the future. We may do more tracks like “To Be Free” (which is out soon @ Worldwide MX) or we may do more tracks like this. It depends on how the life going, and ofcourse on the type of our future emotions. Can’t wait to tell you more stories, can’t wait to share more tracks with you, and thanks for reading that long ass story.

Weekly Track – To Be Free

This one has a hell of a history, but, in the spirit of our Weekly Track adventure, we just decided to put it up and see what happens. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome!

Broken Record says: “This was supposed to be an instrumental to a track, but the vocal fell through. We held on to it for a long time, trying to figure out what to do with it. After our ideas fell through, we just decided to release it, and title it “To Be Free,” because that’s the musical idea: at first it is restricted, limited. But it eventually frees itself. We also had to hold on to the track but ultimately decided to let it go instead of going through more industry politics. And of course, the idea of what it would mean to be free means different things to different people, as you can see from Gergo’s comments. And the image is a picture that I took at the beach, of a kid experiencing what is presumably a moment of freedom.”

Gergo says: I still think that the track would be a bit better with a vocal, but we tried to do our best without it. This is the sound when you drinks a tropical juice in a really hot day at the beach. Hope you can feel the vibe!

Weekly Track: Luces En La Costa

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly original track release here on our blog. After a few genre exploration tracks, we are back with the ridiculous/classic Dead Stare sound that you love/hate/are confused about. Enjoy! Feedback appreciated!

Gergo Says: “So, I started this one as a remix for my good friend Svmus, right after the worst breakup happened. It was in last summer. Never really liked the remix, but I switched it to an original one a few weeks ago and Broken Record was like ‘DAMN, LET’S WORK ON IT.’ Then I sent the stems, I loved his WIP thing. Wanted him to add some Spanish vocals, ’cause he sent me a few real Moombahton tune in the past with awesome rhythms and vocals. And he did. And he killed it. Loudness + Classy Vocals+ Gabber + a bit of Salsa vibes = Luces En La Costa!”

Broken Record Says: “I immediately heard some Salsa style vibes when Gergo sent the track. I made the trumpet sound and went on from there. While making the track, I felt that it needed a break down. Gergo suggested something with vocals. I went into the vinyl collection and found this 45, and, right there on the first try, it was the perfect track. YA VAMONOS A BAILAR!”

Weekly Track – Dead Stare & Micon Quint – Snap!

This week’s track is a collaboration with the homie Micon Quint! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our weekly tracks so far. We have many more to come. Feedback is welcome!

Broken Record says: “Careful study of UK garage rhythms combined with reckless disregard for traditions is the basis for this track. Gergo’s baby drops and ambiance sounds vs. generous use of cowbell vs. Micon’s awesome samples and beats. Please keep in mind this is not the final master of the track. But still playable!”

Weekly Track #3 – Laser Rays

As you might have been able to guess, this is another track from our Techno inspired release we have been working on.

Broken Record says: “Lowrider culture has three main musical components: Lowrider Oldies (Motown, Soul, Doo Wop, R&B), Old School Jams (70s and 80s Electro-Funk), and Freestyle/Electro, which of course spawned the Miami Bass scene. One day I just randomly sent Gergo one of the tracks that I had made in the Freestyle/Electro style. I had never released them and didn’t think much of them, they were just so much fun to make. Gergo instantly connected to the track because of his background in old school Techno, as well as DJ Punish’s insane B-More sets with a shitload of old school vocal loops. The collaboration was born and resulted in this track.” Feedback is appreciated!

Dead Stare’s Weekly Track – Slick DJs

Yo! This is the second installment in our weekly track series.

Gergo says: Acid. Its one of the first genres i listened to. I was around 3 years old when my parents started to listen some Acid House, and some other micro-genres of it. A big love started, its still one of my favorite genres. I always wanted to make a track kinda Acid, and we did it now, with a Brostep synth for the more electronical head guys. Its inspired by Emmanuel Top and Proxy. Hope you like and feel it!”

Broken Record says: “I was listening to artists like Planetary Assault Systems (thanks to Gergo) and French Fries at the time. So while Gergo was working on this track as an Acid track, I was working on it as a straight up Techno track. The title comes from a Techno EP that we are working on. If you’re familiar with how we title our songs in our EPs, you will probably be able to figure out the names of the rest of the tracks. I hope you enjoy listening to this track, although it’s definitely meant for DJ sets.”

Dead Stare – Slick DJs

Dead Stare’s Weekly Track Release – The Story (Pt. 1)

We realize that this is a crazy idea for several reasons. But for the next few months, we are going to release one new original track every Wednesday.

As you guys know, we are a broke ass international duo, and the process for us making music is very difficult — we will spare you the sob story, but it involves dial-up modems, 1MB of hard drive space, a 9 hour time difference…the point is, we have made a lot of music, and, being that we can’t tour or even play a show together, much less spend time doing a studio album together, we decided that we are going to throw this music out there and see what happens. Every time we release something we get huge support from friends, bloggers, DJs, (and yes, a few daredevil DJs have in fact put our songs into sets), producers and artists. We know that if we could play shows or get together to do a studio album, we would have your support too, but, right now that’s impossible. So we hope that you can keep supporting us by listening to and posting our music and showing it to your friends and playing it in your DJ sets and blogging it, so when the time is right, Dead Stare will be ready to take over the world. So here is the first of the weekly tracks, a track titled The Story (Pt. 1). If you want the download just ask!


Exclusive Mix and Interview for Recorder Magazine

We were interviewed for Recorder Magazine from Hungary. They asked us for a 1 hour mix. We thought the best way to introduce ourselves to the mainstream world would be to talk about our influences, so the first half of the mix is an audio collage of some of the most inspiring artists for the Dead Stare project. The second half of the mix is a 34 minutes of pure Dead Stare. Check the links below! And also, we are gonna run out of room on our Soundcloud soon, so if anyone could help us out by buying our EP, we could use the money to buy a Pro Soundcloud account. Thanks!!

Dead Stare – Mix for Recorder

01. Current Value – Dark Rain (Original Mix)
02. Mendez – Roots (Original Mix)
03. Phat Deuce – Zlatan (Original Mix)
04. Datsik x Munchi – Firepower x Sangungueo (ID Edit)
05. Burial – Untrue (Original Mix)
06. Munchi – Madre, No Llores (Original Mix)
07. Olive – You’re Not Alone (Speed Garage Remix)
08. Jeff Mills – The Bells (Original Mix)
09. Proxy – Iron (Original Mix)
10. Dj X-Ess & Catscan – Love The Enemy (Original Mix)
11. Billion Dollars – Malcriado (Dead Stare Remix)
12. Dead Stare – From a Nightmare (Original Mix)
13. Dead Stare – With no Expressions or Emotions (Original Mix)
14. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
15. Dead Stare – Waking Up (Original Mix)
16. Dead Stare – The Story (Original Mix)
17. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
18. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
19. Billion Dollars – Inmortal (Dead Stare x SLEND Remix)
20. Shino – Broken Phone (Dead Stare Remix)
21. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
22. Dead Stare – Screaming (Dead Stare Moombahton Remix)
23. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
24. Dead Stare – Someone Standing In (Original Mix)
25. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix)
26. Dead Stare – The Bass Machine (Original Mix)
27. Dead Stare – An Otherwise Empty Room (Original Mix)
28. Dead Stare – At the Top of your Lungs (Original Mix)
29. Dead Stare – ID (Original Mix feat. SLEND)
30. DjSuperStereo feat. KilloKillo – Martian (Dead Stare Remix)
31. Dead Stare – Staring Directly at You (Original Mix)
32. Dead Stare – Outro

You can listen to the mix here, it’s at the bottom of the article, which is in Hungarian:

Dead Stare – From a Nightmare EP

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, especially: Generation Bass, Cassette Blog, Global Bassed, URL Future, Billion Dollars, DJ Superstereo, and After Mess Records. The release is a pay-what-you-want download from Bandcamp. As an international duo, we have a lot of expenses, and if anyone can support the release, it would go a long way to helping us make more music. Thank you to every single person who has ever listened to our music and was willing to stick around 🙂

-Gekkei and Broken Record

Dead Stare – From a Nightmare EP (Winter 2015)



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